• Rondinella Birdhouse


    La Bottega di Betti recommends using its swallow nest to encourage the nesting of swallows.
    It should be placed outside the house in the attic or under the terraces.
    It is constructed of marine plywood and hand molded with cement mortar.
    Under the nest there is a shelf that prevents the swallows droppings from falling to the ground and / or dirtying the walls of the house.

    Height: 45 cm
    Width: 15 cm
    Depth: 18 cm

    Some birds are very happy to accept an artificial nest
    where to lay eggs, hatch and feed the young.
    Among these the common Redstart, the Sparrow, the family of
    Tit, the Wren, the Starling, etc.
    Inside the nest they form a small moss cap,
    feathers and twigs on the bottom for the female who will lay the
    eggs. The hatching lasts on average two weeks and for the same
    time the parents will bring the food to the little ones.
    Some species make up to three broods so the nest will be
    “Busy” throughout the summer.