• Della Nonna Feeder With Blue and Ocher Stripes


    Driven by the desire to use waste materials, I made this manger starting from a 5 kg tin can, the saucers, the spoons and the old cups of the grandmother.
    In the jar I made openings as birdrests and small roofs that protect the food contained inside from the rain. The cup that surmounts it can contain and retain rainwater, transforming itself into a drinking trough.
    Finally, I decorated each jar by hand, inspired by the designs and decorations of the saucers and cups that surmount it.
    Below I placed an antique spoon that swings like a tassel to highlight its playful aspect … and, why not, ironically mischievous and intriguing.
    Each manger is a unique piece!
    Jar diameter 16 cm
    Plate diameter cm. 19
    H. Tot. Cm. About 24