• Madonnina del Cardellino



    Questa Madonnina é perfetta per creare un piccolo ma poetico angolo votivo in giardino.

    L’ho modellata in creta, cotta e decorata a freddo.

    Ha un gancio che le permette di essere appesa a una parete o ad un muretto posizionato le

    piante del giardino.

    Sarà la protettrice del giardino.


    Altezza: 31 cm

    Larghezza: 20 cm

  • Mangiattolo



    It is our proposal for a manger for those who are lucky enough to have a garden frequented by one or more
    squirrels. It is made up of a very large octagonal plate for storing nuts, acorns, fruit and mushrooms. Topped by a roof built with five large petals that shelters food from rain and wind. The silhouette of squirrels that surmounts it, like
    everything else is made and decorated completely by hand. We decorated it with a small stripe and a dotted frame that give it an enchanted and ancient flavor.

    Base cm 45 × 40; h 83 cm