Della Nonna Feeder

DELLA NONNA FEEDER Grandmother’s manger was born from an idea of Loredana who obtained it by re-using a large tin where she opened windows from which the food can be reached. The windows have flaps which, like small roofs, protect the contents from the rain. Inside you can store the seeds and berries, while the Grandmother’s cup that surmounts it collects rainwater so that the bird can also quench its thirst.
Finally Loredana decorates every single tin by hand, inspired by
cup decorations. Place the manger in a quiet area preferably visible from the window, so you can do birdgardening. High enough so that it cannot be reached by cats. Don’t expect the birds to arrive right away, but be patient and you will be rewarded.

Most birds are divided into insectivores and granivores. The former have a diet based on the consumption of larvae, caterpillars and insects, while the latter feed on seeds.
During the winter these foods are scarce so the birds are forced to adapt to wild berries and small fruits that are not always available. To find them they have to travel long distances and because of the cold they consume a lot of energy.
For these reasons it is important to offer them food by setting up a manger on the terrace or in the garden. Place it high enough so that it cannot be reached by cats, in a quiet area preferably visible from the window, so you can do birdgardening and observe them from a distance as they come and go.
eat. Always keep it clean and change the food every three days.
It may take several weeks to overcome the birds’ distrust of an unknown object so the sooner we install the manger, the sooner they will approach with confidence.
Treating the manger, once a year, with a final coat of outdoor paint, prolongs its resistance to bad weather.