The experience in stone restoration has been gained by working in the yards of ancient villas alongside professionals in the sector.
Later Maurizio perfected and improved his knowledge by becoming passionate about studying and experimenting with mortars, aggregates and natural binders.
Lately he has carried out important restorations for private buildings and for the municipality of Rimini.

True seventeenth-century restoration
(Municipality of Rimini)

Restoration of 17th century pillars
(Municipality of Rimini)

Restoration of liberty columns
(Private client)

Stone and terracotta portal restoration
(Private client)

Restoration of sandstone docks
(Private client)

Portal from scratch made with mortars
(Private client)


I work the plaster as it used to be. I build barrel, cross and umbrella vaults with the technique of wooden ribs and plaster shaving.
I create frames and capitals by hand with the raffetti that I personally build. I recreate ancient portals and frames.
Stairs and entrances furniture with wood paneling, pilasters and plaster colonnades, in the shapes and sizes you want.

Portal reconstruction

Double cross vault reconstruction


Pilaster and column base

Umbrella ceiling and boiserie


The stuccos I make by hand are like those of the past. I create them to measure for mirrors, over doors, headboards and furniture.
Those on the wall I mount them one by one to create unique compositions that I use with earths and glazes. The ceiling roses can reach the size you want.
On request, I also decorate them with gold and silver leaf.

Overdoor, frame and skirting board

Rosettes and mirror



Living room, ceiling and detail