I create decorations on ceilings and walls in the ancient way. I do it respecting the style and age of the house.

The subjects vary from velarium ceilings to chinoiserie, from grotesque to genre scenes. I study the environment and listen to your requests, then I carry out one or more sketches so that you can realize the final result and choose the solution you prefer.

I also create contemporary decoration. I do this by playing with styles and materials. I give new life to ancient techniques by applying them on surreal and imaginative subjects.

Decoration at Villa Torlonia
(Client Municipality of San Mauro Pascoli)

Style wall decoration


Velarium ceiling

Ceiling with grotesques

Contemporary and grotesque decoration

Wood decoration and door decoration


Ancient paintings
I personally make the palette
of the colors that I spread creating effects
with an ancient flavor.
I delimit the walls with paneling
from different colors and finish them with
fillets and clogs in plain or faux color-
I am expert in the execution of
rigatini and reproduce on the walls
wallpapers playing with patterns
floral and stripes.
To delimit the ceilings I paint
frames and cornices that give
the illusion of being in relief.
I make boiserie with painted ashlars.

Antique effect painting

Solid color antique effect

Painted paneling and boiserie


Paneling and threads


The lacquerings done with a brush give an ancient and precious flavor to the piece of furniture and are Maurizio’s specialty.

In his shop you can find all the antique lacquers and finishes, but also latest generation products because “there is a technique and the right product for every piece of furniture”.

Maurizio paints doors, sideboards, tables, trunks, chest of drawers, chairs, etc. by hand, respecting the style and time of construction.

Cabinet and door lacquering

Sideboard lacquering

Lacquered chest of drawers, table and trunk


I design and build custom furniture. All unique pieces because I never make the same project twice. Furnishing bathrooms, halls, bedrooms, kitchens.

I create the cabinet for the sink, the console, the table, the dresser, the corner cupboard and the shoe cabinet that you have always wanted but have never found. I also make furniture for businesses, public places and small b & bs.

I carry out a project where I develop the idea, the details and the decoration always confronting myself with the client. I take great care in the choice of lacquering and finishing products.

Kitchen, dresser and wardrobe

La Fragola De Bosch b & b rooms and dressing table

Bathroom cabinet (before and after) and shoe cabinet

Point of sale, ice cream parlor and pastry shop

Custom furniture