Gazott Garden statues

Gazott Garden statues

I have loved birds since I was a child when my grandfather, a gardener, took me to work with him and I spent whole afternoons observing them sitting under a tree in the park of some villa. In the peace of those spring days I enjoyed modeling little sparrows using the clayey mud that I could find at hand. A simple game, made of earth and fantasy. One day my grandfather, looking at the result of my work, said: “Tea made own a nice Gazott !!” which translated means “You made a nice little sparrow !!” The Gazott, I’ve been watching them, studying them, I love them ever since.
“GAZOTT” means Sparrow in the dialect used in Santarcangelo di Romagna. Land of poets, popes and artisans.

I model GAZOTTs by hand with a cement mortar that I personally prepare by mixing cement, water, fine aggregates and additives, all in such proportions as to ensure the workability of the mixture and mechanical strength in the dry state, after setting and hardening. GAZOTTs are all unique pieces. I only produce small numbered series of a few pieces which I always paint and finish by hand.
They can be placed directly on the lawn thanks to a pin they are equipped with. I also make bases inspired by rocks and trees, and decorated with leaves, flowers and small fruits. Perfect for placing “the statue” in entrances, courtyards, terraces, arcades and paths. Finally, I compose Gazott-sized nests by intertwining vitalba and dry branches that can be used to create a beautiful setting.

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